Oyster.com Tech Blog Insights from our engineering team

Welcome to the Oyster Tech Blog

Oyster.com is building the best online resources and community for hotels and travel.  We want everyone to be able to find the hotel that is perfect for them.

For the engineering team, that means building tools and features to showcase terabytes of photos, combine hotel facts from a multitude of sources, and always find you the best price.

This blog is going to share the dirty details of how we do it.  How do you build a content management system that allows writers to do their job from a hut in Jamaica with no internet access?  How do you expose your photo database to the world in a way that is easy and fun?  Oh, and by the way, it’s going to be on national news tomorrow night and your servers better be able to handle the load.

We’re excited to get started.  First up is how we built Oyster Shots!